SINCE 1985

The world around us has progressed drastically. The customer is the king. Manufacturers and brands have focused their energies towards bringing more value to them in the form of qualitative offerings. Interestingly, we were fortunate enough to learn it this decade before others did. When we started as a broking firm and slowly moved on to the construction segment, we garnered insights from both perspectives- Customer and Developer. Though, word wise there is no major difference, but, in terms of application both are miles apart.

Being a developer and a broking firm, we got simultaneous experience of product as well as consumer expectations and feedback. As a result, we have always strived to provide the best we can; to the customers which earned us credibility. This armed us with an acute sense of customer-product relationship. As we re-christened ourselves as PREM GROUP, we have taken the path of expanding our horizons with projects in Worli and New Panvel. The recent development that made us feel proud of is the launch of another project in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai. Through this, we have stepped into the much larger Mumbai real estate arena leveraging benefit from the emerging demand and prospects.

Today, PREM GROUP creates a one point difference to its counterparts, which is- "GIVE THE BEST YOU CAN". This corporate thought runs in every heart and mind with a synergetic effort of bringing the best in each. 'Life beyond Square Feet' becomes our guiding light and cornerstone of our corporate commitment and delivery.

Last but not the least, I welcome all of you to experience the warmth and freshness that PREM GROUP exudes and provides through its innovative & well-planned homes.