SINCE 1985

Over the years, distinct communities and classes have devoted their time and energies towards serving this nation in the best manner possible. Sharing resources and knowhow from ones field of specialty and vocation, has always been the ideal way to serve the country and its people.

Most people undergo the rigors of professional lives and are increasingly pressed for personal time. The most special family aspiration that suffers, is the desire to build their own home. Paucity of time together with the lack of technical knowhow delays the goal further.

The process of building a house requires familiarity with basic project management processes and techniques. In addition to that dealing with architects, designers, contractors, workers and suppliers, warrants a lot of time and patience.

This situation has generated an urgent need for a specialized and trustworthy service that brings experience and expertise to understand the nature of work and meets all the requirements in a professional manner. At Alwasel Project Management, we provide just that.

We offer all kinds of specialized Housing and Project Management services. Excellence in quality and the highest standard of professionalism, is the hallmark of our offering.

It is our pleasure to introduce our services and invite you to experience the joy of engaging in business with us.

It would indeed be our pleasure to meet you, discuss your requirements, and offer our services for your projects.